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A lot of nothing

I have been quilting my triangle quilt for the last week and the week before I was working on Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Tote pattern for my guild charity, however I feel that I have nothing to show for. I do have lot's of WIP's but nothing finished. I am also working on my 2014 Sugar BOM from Stitchery Ditchery Dock, and have been playing around with my EQ7. Annnd, I still need to quilt my block #2 for the Technicolor Galaxy BOM. Uff! I think that's all. It takes me a while to finish something because of the lack of time, sometimes all I can do is bury threads or sew a binding. That is why I like to be working on multiple things (as described above) to have different stage projects, but I am hoping to show lots of finished projects soon. Meanwhile, here are the WIP's, and let's hope I can make some progress on one of those soon.

Sugar BOM blocks

And some sashing

Triangles quilt being quilted

Detail of the back

Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect tote
The other side

Technicolor Galaxy with block #2 laid out

The low volume mess after all the paper piecing

Paper-piecing for the Technicolor Galaxy BOM

Happy sewing!


#WIP #SUGARBOM #TechnicolorGalaxy #PerfectTotepattern #ElizabethHartman

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