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First Lecture

Did you know that one of the benefits of having an Art Ed Professor as a husband is that you get to go to his class as an invited speaker to talk about your craft? I did and had a great time! I hope his students liked it too, but wow, how fun it was to be able to show off my work, get comments -- and compliments :) -- and share a little bit of my passion with other young artists. This group of students will be leading the CAM - Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, art activity next week under my husband's supervision and guidance. They will be working on paper "quilts" with the kids.

The CAM has a current quilt installation called Wagon Wheel (click here to check it out). The artist, Ulla von Brandenburg was inspired by the amazing work of the Gee's Bend ladies down in Tennessee. It's a beautiful installation and if you are in the area, you should make it there -- it's FREE.

Back to my lecture, It was fun showing some finished, unfinished, and in-between quilts. The students had some great questions concerning construction. I talked a little about color and fabric, design, and free-motion quilting related to drawing. I can't wait to see their project at the CAM.

I loved sharing my knowledge and hope to someday be able to do it more often - even if just to my girls :), until then I'll keep on sewing.

Have a great day!


Showing some of Gee's bend quilts on screen
Showing details on quilts

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