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QuiltCon magazine voting open

I am so excited! My red quilt is in the running for the cover of the QuiltCon magazine. It's been hard not to share more about this - but hopefully soon. For a second I daydreamed about my quilt making the cover and then I went: "Pfft! Do not even go there Silvia! Do not set you up for dissapointment", so I went on with life. Today, I went to co-op in my kid's class and got home after an exhausted morning, but then I saw the email and was: "WHAAAAAT?" I have no words, I'm in chock. I know I am not in the cover yet, but even if I don't make it, I got to see how it would look and that's AWESOME! Another awesome thing is that I am running against my IG/blogger friend Yvonne from QuiltingJetGirl. I learn so much from this gal, I don't even know how I can be side by side with her. So, really, whatever the outcome will be, it is really exciting! I really cannot wait to QuiltCon 2016.

Mine is the red one on the left and if you feel inclined to vote, I would appreciate the love, but feel free to vote after your heart. Just click on the link -

or if you are an MQG member you will have an email with a direct link. Thanks!

xo, S.


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