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Mighty Luck - January - Incomplete circle quilt

I apologize for the absence. I have been busy and making things and here is what I've been up to.

This month I had so much fun doing the bias tape challenge for the Lucky Spool's Mighty Luck quilting club.

Making bias tape can be tricky if you are making anything smaller than a 1/4", and mine is 3/8", but with patience and perseverence these skinny little bias strips can be a lot of fun to bend around.

I had to make my favorite shape, circles. Here are some other circles I made to complete my quilt top.

I am using Kona white for my background, Kona Indigo, Kona Wasabi and Bella Solids Flax for the circles.

I love Stephen Antonakos works and I feel very inspired by his minimal aesthetic. I can see some other Antonakos inspirations in my quilting future. He made a lot of neon sculptures throughout his life and I love how the Wasabi looks glowy in my blocks.

I finished the top and had fun playing with hidden silly details on this. Can you find a triangle? Or a square? What about a rectangle?

I can't wait to start quilting it. I would say that my Mighty Luck January membership was a total success. What do you think?

That's all. Have a great sewing week.

xo, S.


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