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A lot of nothing

I have been quilting my triangle quilt for the last week and the week before I was working on Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Tote pattern for my guild charity, however I feel that I have nothing to show for. I do have lot's of WIP's but nothing finished. I am also working on my 2014 Sugar BOM from Stitchery Ditchery Dock, and have been playing around with my EQ7. Annnd, I still need to quilt my block #2 for the Technicolor Galaxy BOM. Uff! I think that's all. It takes me a while to finish something because of the lack of time, sometimes all I can do is bury threads or sew a binding. That is why I like to be working on multiple things (as described above) to have different stage projects, but I am hoping to show lots of finished projects soon. Meanwhile, here are the WIP's, and let's hope I can make some progress on one of those soon.

Happy sewing!


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