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EQ7 Design ideas

I got my EQ7 for my birthday this past February, so I'm still learning it's in and outs. There is so much that I need to learn, but the basics are pretty easy to figure out. I am trying to design whenever I have a chance and a lot of those things won't get made, but it's a good practice. Being new at designing quilts, I am still trying to find my style - right now I am all over the place - but I have a tendency for complicated designs, with lots of 1/4" seams, itty bitty patches, or odd size blocks. Here are some promising ideas:

Screen Shot attic window.jpg

Screen Shot city.jpg

Screen Shot stars.jpg

Screen Shot palm trees.jpg

Screen Shot ice cream quilt.jpg

Screen Shot grid.jpg

Screen Shot charm v.jpg

Now, if I just had time to make these...

What do you think? Do you use EQ7 or any other design software?

Happy sewing!


#EQ7 #design #software

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