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EQ7 Scrap Challenge and a finished tote

This month I worked on a really fun project, The Electric Quilt Company Spring cleaning Scrap Challenge.

You can pick from three designs, and I wish I had time to work on each one, but the Scrappy 20x20 mini was what I ended up doing. It was topped with spiral quilting to accentuate the circular design. I love the end result, but here are some things I would work on if I had the right scraps, a "seamless" change from block to block, while playing with rainbow colors (from yellow to orange, to red, to purple.... and so on) and I wish I had darker values of the green. I thought this could be a nice table topper, but then I sewed a sleeve on the back, because I might just want to hang it.

Another finish this week was The Perfect Quilted Tote by Elizabeth Hartman in Amy Butler fabrics. I have made one for the STLMQG Charity and really loved it, so I had to make another one. I got some charm packs of the Hapi line and these were the prints I was't going to use on a quilt. I love it on the tote. It's so bright and happy, I can't wait to put it to use.

I am thankful for my work-horse Juki, because there are some bulky seams to sew.

Finally, I've made this mug rug for a teacher's gift - our first one. I just used an orphan block and added some fabric to make it wider. I had a great time quilting this little piece. I hope she likes it. --Unfortunetely, I did not take a photo of after the binding was sewn--.

I have a couple of other finishes that I will post soon. Until then, I am working on quilting someone's t-shirt quilt. That's a first for me. I've never quilted for someone else, and I've never worked on a t-shirt quilt. It's also my first time using varigated thread, so I hope everything turns out okay. Have you ever quilted a t-shirt quilt?

xo, S

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