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When I start something, I get obsessed.

I just did a workshop with Carolyn Friedlander two weekends ago. It was through our local quilt shop in St. Louis - Janie Lou quilt shop, and it was so wonderful! I did the Catenary quilt/needle turn appliqué technique. I learned so much and Caroline was so approachable and friendly. I really want to take other classes with her. Her work is amazing!

This is such a relaxing activity, this whole past week I have been working on the appliqué of my wall piece.

I used mainly Caroline's Doe fabric line and some Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Chambray. I am really loving this combination.

I still need to add the sides and then it will be ready to be quilted. This will hang on my husband's office. I think he will like it!

As I said, when I do something I get obsessed. So I made a mini mini that resembled Caroline's Aerial Grove quilt to swap with Jayne from Twiggy and Opal. Those mini mini's are addictive and I am itching to make more. I also made a mini mini drunkard's path for Yvone - Quilting JetGirl. I'll try to carve some time for more mini minis sometime soon.

I am also planning on using needle turn applique on my Michael Miller Glitz fabric challenge for QuiltCon. So, I need to get it started because the deadline will be here soon.

That's all.

I am having a great time doing some slow hand stitching. What about you? Love or hate handwork? Have you give it a try yet?

Have a great rest of the week.



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