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A teacher's gift finish.

Since there were so many pouch ideas to make with the Tiger Lily fabric, I thought I could share my latest finish and a link for a tutorial.

I had some scraps from my Christmas stockings, which I still need to photograph it and post here (but if you really want to check it out, I posted a bad lit, equally horrible quality picture on my Instagram), so back to what's important, I made two Christmas pouches for my daughter's pre-school teachers. I like to add the quilting detail, so I quilt my panels intead of using interfacing. As I am working on these I came across a tutorial from Noodle-head that I really liked, so I morphed the way I make my pouches with that really cool zipper detail she had done on hers.

In case you want to try her tutorial, it is very well written. I do glue baste my zipper intead of pinning, though. I feel that it's easier and there is far less shifting, specially because my layers are bulky due to the quilted panels.

These one aren't the exact same size as the tutorial, because I was already making them prior to that, but they are pretty close to the small size ones - these are roughly about 10" wide x 6" tall with a 4" base.

What do you think? Would you want to try to make a similar pouch? What do you make for teacher's gifts?

Thanks everyone! Have a great sewing week!

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