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Joining the lovely QuiltCon reject group.

This week we all got news of which quilts were in or out of the QuiltCon 2016 show. With over 1800 submissions and only 300-350 quilts chosen to exhibit, there was a 16-18% chance of getting a quilt accepted. Math people, please check my calculations. I submitted a total of six quilts and had to read 5 rejection letters. It was not a good feeling, but I knew my chances were low. Still more crushing when you read others got 3, 4, 5,... 8 quilts in. What I need to remember is that I am still a pretty new quilter. This was my first time submitting to a show. These others quilters have been doing this for a long time... and lastly, there are always other shows or next year to try with newer work. The thing is, shows shouldn't be the reason we make - and we each might have a different reason, but if we make what we love, it will show. Pun intended! ;)

Here are my QuiltCon rejects:

Quilt names and techniques - clockwise: Identity (needle turn appliqué), Equilibrium Position (Y-seam and on-point), Rowing Paddle (foundation paper-piecing), Bibi: Unto Milhazes (raw-edge appliqué and off-grid background), Shaking Things Up (log cabin and improvisational strip).

I can't wait to see all the lovely quilts that made it into the show in February. I also, can't wait to be at QuiltCon 2016. There are a lot of firsts happening for me, so I am pretty excited.

Now, about that one accepted quilt... First, yay! Then, I'll have to tell you more about it another time. Oh, the suspense!

Until then, keep on sewing.

xo, S.

#QuiltCon #QuiltConreject

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