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First projects in 2016

I signed up for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club hosted by Lucky Spool and started working right away on this month's challenge. Krista Fleckenstein from Spotted Stones gave us some great directions on bias tape. I have done bias tape before, but it was great to refresh my memory and skills. The interesting thing is that I already had plans to work on a project using bias tape. I really wanted to make a quilt inspired on the works of the greek artist Stephen Antonakos. I went to one of his exhibitions many years ago and became obsessed with his works. I even designed a collection inspired by some of his pencil on paper works one time. A quilt had to be made too. I knew that the easiest way to achieve thin circular lines was to use bias tape, so it was great to put Krista's directions into action.

This series of works are called Imcomplete Circle, and I am playing with several imcompleted circles possibilities.

I haven't decided on a layout yet. Right now, I am on the play stage, but these are really fun and quite fast to make, so I am having a good time. They are definitely not perfect, but I think the minimalistic look helps to keep it clean and still atractive.

I love the navy, wasabi and warm gray over white. I think I will really love this once it's done. Actually, I already love it. Also, this design makes me feel that I am close on working toward one of my goals for the year, which is to fine tune my style.

I cannot wait to finish this project and for next month's Mighty Lucky directions with S.D.Evans.

What about you? Working on any goals already? What do you think of the bias tape technique?

Have a great sewing day!

xo, S.

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